What is Hacktoberfest & How can a beginner contribute?

Every October Digital Ocean & GitHub ships free t-shirts to thousands of people to promote open source.

What is Hacktoberfest? 
It is an online event conducted by Digital Ocean and Github to promote open source.

How to participate?
You just need to make four contributions to open source before October 31 and can receive a free Hacktoberfest t-shirt.

How can a beginner participate? 
For beginners, they are saying that you could make contributions to documentation for some projects. But this also needs some level of effort. When I heard about Hacktoberfest, I just registered and leave it there without doing any contributions. But then I go through the list projects I find out some too easy projects to contribute to. So I`m listing here four Github repositories anyone can contribute to, it’s too easy, you just need to add your Github profile name etc in their readme file. Some of them have instructions on how to contribute. So let’s do it

Step 1: Register or login to github.com
Step 2: Register to Hacktoberfest.
Step 3: Contribute to these four repositories or any others repositories you like, check instructions to contribute in each repositories.
Step 4: Check your progress from here.
Step 5: Digital ocean will ask for shipping address via email.
Step 6: Wait for that awesome Hacktoberfest t-shirt from Github & Digital Ocean.

Note: These contributions won’t change the world or make any project awesome. But at least you will get an idea on how to contribute to a project. Also what it feels like to be an open source contributor.