My favorite author is Paulo Coelho.

Growing up, I never really liked reading. I was always more of a “go outside and play/watch TV” kind of kid.

A year ago I picked up a book called The Alchemist who was written by some Brazilian guy who’s name I couldn’t even pronounce.

“Pablo Koala, hm that’s a weird name. Whatever, I’ll give it a shot.”

The underlying message that Paulo Coelho tries to explain throughout the story is the importance of finding your own purpose in life.

Everyone goes on a different path to learn how to discover this but it’s important to never lose sight of it even when the road isn’t as clear as you would like it to be.

Gradually, I found myself addicted to the way Paulo Coelho connects with his readers on a philosophical level.

So I picked up another one of his books.

Eleven Minutes.

In it, Paulo Coelho states that the act of sex minus everything else leading up to it, in it’s most fundamental state lasts about 11 minutes.

He also highlights on the weird truth that people are willing to do anything, even pay huge sums of money just for the sake of these 11 minutes.


This made me wonder how many minutes it would take a person to change themselves.

Quit a bad habit, start something, create something, or work on a component of themselves that needs improvement.

1 minute.

Everything starts with an idea.

I find that we often times get sucked into this world of superficial, meaningless validation and through this we lose sight of what’s truly important.


All we have to do to change that is begin.

1 minute a day.

1 minute becomes 2, 2 minutes becomes 3, and so on.

Focus on your purpose.

Nothing else.

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