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We are born, we live and one day we all die. It has always been a big question for me what should be the motto of our lives. We do not take birth consciously, i.e., we are not conscious about life when we are born. Unfortunately, most of us remain unconscious until our last breath. Our life revolves around routine, chasing something unknown, always lacking something, always dissatisfied. The essential question, therefore, arises that what is consciousness and what role does it play for us humans.

When you can see your life from the beginning to the very end from a third person’s point of view, you will discover a number of wonderful facts about yourself, about the way you are living. It may sound crazy but you might be living your life for something which is of no significance at all. You endlessly flow with the events of your life and if you never come out of this loop even for a small while to analyze and introspect, you never realize what and why you are doing whatever you are doing. …

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Everyone works day and night, try his/her best to succeed. But it is important to understand whether you are eligible for success or not.

Before going deep into this very topic, I want to clarify what I mean by Success to avoid any confusion. There exist many definitions of success, some consider good job/business as success, some consider work life balance as success, some consider fame as success, some consider money as success and many more.

For me, success is to achieve the ultimate dream of your life.

Dreams are different for different people like some might want to be an international athlete, some might want to be an renowned actor, some might want to be the top politician, some might dream to find GOD. …

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Yes, you hear me right. Change is the only thing in our life which is permanent.

“Everything you have around, will change someday.”

There are many settings in life which we see for years, we grow with them, they seem so natural that we can’t even imagine life without them. And then there comes just a moment, which changes everything real into memory.

We need to understand that whoever we have in our life right now or everything which we have in our life, every process or setting which exist today, one day all this will change.

The people you are with for years or the surroundings you have in your life, will change.

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The biggest achievement of AI : Human

Yes, I confess it’s a really wild thought but let’s imagine for a while. Human is the best AI product and God is the best techie ever exist.

The human designed with the most efficient learning algorithm, it can learn to do anything. It can learn different languages, it can build aeroplanes, it can build many amazing things, even it can build a very less efficient version of itself, what all present AI is.

Let’s make our thought a little more crazy. What if I say, human is doing just a fraction what all it can do. As it is the most efficient AI product, it can learn things which it is not able to do in present time. It may be flying in the sky, walking over water, moving with the speed of light ETC ETC. And yes, we find all this stuff in mythological or say spiritual history of some places in this world only. …


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