Are you eligible for Success?

Vineet Tyagi

Everyone works day and night, try his/her best to succeed. But it is important to understand whether you are eligible for success or not.

Before going deep into this very topic, I want to clarify what I mean by Success to avoid any confusion. There exist many definitions of success, some consider good job/business as success, some consider work life balance as success, some consider fame as success, some consider money as success and many more.

For me, success is to achieve the ultimate dream of your life.

Dreams are different for different people like some might want to be an international athlete, some might want to be an renowned actor, some might want to be the top politician, some might dream to find GOD.

With experiences of my dream journey and by analysing the journey of many great achievers, I have noticed a definite pattern in their stories or to correctly represent the essence, I call it : “The Eligibility for Success”.

There are three categories of people and two among these categories naturally fit into the eligibility criteria of achieving big dreams.

People who fall in first category have everything required to achieve what they dream or in simple words they have all the required resources for their dream avenue.

People who fall in second category have nothing, just nothing. Say, they have nothing to loose, so they do not have fear to loose anything. They do everything with great courage without a single thought about failure, they take big risks with ease as there is nothing they are going to loose, they can only gain and this situation has a big potential to achieve anything.

People who fall in third category are the ones who do not naturally fit into the eligibility criteria for success. Those are the people who are somewhere in between of above two categories. They don’t have enough resources to achieve their dreams but they have enough resources to distract them from their ultimate path,they have enough to create a big fear inside them of loosing what they have and following their dreams with that distraction and fear always results in failure.

I know it very well that after reading the above part of this story, 99.9% of people would find them falling in third category i.e. NOT ELIGIBLE FOR SUCCESS.

Interestingly, I too belong to the same not eligible category. I am not talking here about my dreams as I am saving this conversation for my biography :P

But, now the question arises, is there any way for us to achieve our dreams? After all, life has no meaning without that. So we must have a way to achieve what we want.

Yes, there is a way, a concrete way, a simple and clear yet the most difficult way. The way which I am trying to practice in my life. And that way is : RENUNCIATION.

I will explain renunciation and how it can help you in achieving your dreams in detail with examples in my next story, till then I am leaving you all with a direct question which everyone must ask themselves : Are you ready to sacrifice any damn thing for your dreams?

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Vineet Tyagi

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