Success is Happiness!

Vineet Tyagi

We are born, we live and one day we all die. It has always been a big question for me what should be the motto of our lives. We do not take birth consciously, i.e., we are not conscious about life when we are born. Unfortunately, most of us remain unconscious until our last breath. Our life revolves around routine, chasing something unknown, always lacking something, always dissatisfied. The essential question, therefore, arises that what is consciousness and what role does it play for us humans.

When you can see your life from the beginning to the very end from a third person’s point of view, you will discover a number of wonderful facts about yourself, about the way you are living. It may sound crazy but you might be living your life for something which is of no significance at all. You endlessly flow with the events of your life and if you never come out of this loop even for a small while to analyze and introspect, you never realize what and why you are doing whatever you are doing.

I believe one of the main aims of meditation is to pull you out of this flow for some moments and give you some time to think, to analyze and realize what you are doing.

When I ask people what they want in life, the simple innocent answer of the majority of them is always “success”. This makes me wonder what actually is a success. Who can be considered successful? Let’s try to understand the meaning of success and what one needs to do to be successful.

For some people, having chased money is the definition of being successful, for some, success is having chased a professional position, some people just want to have someone in their life and they are fine and for many others, it’s about having chased other kinds of things.

Clearly, it wouldn’t be a mistake to conclude that success has no single definition. It is not absolute but relative in nature. It is different for different people. On a deeper level, one can figure out that things that people chase to be successful are the very things which make them happy.

Unknowingly, throughout our lives we chase happiness. We call it by a hundred different names and brand it with the grand label of “success”, often ignoring the reality that ultimately what we are striving for is happiness. To be in a state of happiness is an innate human tendency. But when we encounter the complexities of this world, we just forget to be happy. That’s the reason why small children are always happy and brimming with joy without any reason. But we adults? Every day we wake up, go about chasing something, beat routines, come home tired and sleep and follow this cycle for years without realizing what we are here for- we are here to be happy, we are here to explore and experience.

Now you must be thinking “What should I do then”?

To put it simply- go and explore life and figure out what makes you happy.

It might be traveling and experiencing various aspects of nature, it might be singing, acting, etc. It can be anything. You need to experience and explore and find for yourself what sparks happiness in you. If you are able to find it, half the battle is already won.

Let’s say after all the time and energy spent and after all the hard work you finally know what makes you happy. NOW, WHAT??

Here comes the trick- forget about everything else now and just devote your life to this thing which makes you happy.

People who are unaware of what makes them happy, who never explore themselves, who don’t actually live but operate like machines can barely find happiness in their life. Regardless of what they achieve in life, they can never be truly successful!

Vineet Tyagi

Written by

Entrepreneur. Technology Enthusiast. Founder & CTO at .Writer. Reader. Believe in oneness.

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