The biggest achievement of AI : Human

Yes, I confess it’s a really wild thought but let’s imagine for a while. Human is the best AI product and God is the best techie ever exist.

The human designed with the most efficient learning algorithm, it can learn to do anything. It can learn different languages, it can build aeroplanes, it can build many amazing things, even it can build a very less efficient version of itself, what all present AI is.

Let’s make our thought a little more crazy. What if I say, human is doing just a fraction what all it can do. As it is the most efficient AI product, it can learn things which it is not able to do in present time. It may be flying in the sky, walking over water, moving with the speed of light ETC ETC. And yes, we find all this stuff in mythological or say spiritual history of some places in this world only.

I am from India which by many people around the globe considered as the core centre of spirituality, let me give you few examples from spiritual history or mythology, there is an Sanskrit epic of ancient India “Mahabharat”. And it describes a character “Sanjay” who was able to see live telecast of any part of the world while sitting at a single place. He recited the events of that great war to the King who was blind and not participated in war. Can you imagine that ability of human being?
According to another Sanskrit epic of India, “Ramayana”, few people had power to move from one place to another in just fractions of a second.

And plenty of more examples are there which shows that if we consider human as an AI product there is a lot of unexplored potential it has, which is beyond imaginations. 
I am finishing this writing with one more crazy thought. 
Will human be able to build human using AI ever???? Goosebumps!!!!!!!