The only permanent thing in life : CHANGE

Vineet Tyagi

Yes, you hear me right. Change is the only thing in our life which is permanent.

“Everything you have around, will change someday.”

There are many settings in life which we see for years, we grow with them, they seem so natural that we can’t even imagine life without them. And then there comes just a moment, which changes everything real into memory.

We need to understand that whoever we have in our life right now or everything which we have in our life, every process or setting which exist today, one day all this will change.

The people you are with for years or the surroundings you have in your life, will change.

Few people are strong enough to face any change, but many people do not stand well with change. We must understand a fact that life never stops, life goes on. Life is there till the time we are breathing and ‘everything changes’ is the only fact life has.

We must have the courage to accept change, to face whatever is coming to us in life. We should act as a “player” but accept and enjoy every change in life as an “audience”. Be Happy Be Blessed.

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Vineet Tyagi

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Entrepreneur. Technology Enthusiast. Founder & CTO at .Writer. Reader. Believe in oneness.

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