When John and Jeff from Cytozyme first came to us, the goal was clear — help them develop a logo and branding for a newly renamed revolutionary sustainable animal nutrition product Lumensa so that they can look great in their upcoming industry trade show and create interest.

  • what the company did
  • how they did it
  • what did the product do and how
  • how did they stand out from the competition
  • what was unique about the product
  • how was the old product branding…

I was listening to a poscast this morning that was suggesting that the way you dress has a big effect on the way you feel about yourself, your motivation, energy and certainly it has a lot to do with how people perceive you.

The energetic entrepreneur said to dress like you know what you are doing, look sharp and professional. Look like someone other might want to know more about. At that point it occured to me that the same exact thing could be said about the way brands look. It’s not just people that communicate things about themselves with the way they dress but companies too, thru their visual branding.



We all know brands that seem to appear out of nowhere and, as if by magic, make a mundane industry and a boring product into something that’s cool and highly desired. Think about the bed mattress brands. And Casper. Think about glasses. And Warby Parker. Think about toothbrushes. And Quip…

If you have ever wondered about how and where exactly your branding is affecting your business and causing it to miss the mark, here is a handy overview of your business and sales cycle and how it is affected by the quality and clarity of your branding.

  1. First, you build…

Vineta Rendon

Hi, I’m Vineta, a European Graphic Designer living in Los Angeles. I create visual branding for worlds largest brands so they can tell their story visually.

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