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We live in the digital age, with a plethora of information available at our fingertips. Sometimes, this leads to a bit of information overkill and one is left as clueless as they started off with.

This is where Augmented Reality or AR comes into its own! AR enables information to be overlaid on the object itself, when it is viewed through the AR device. The information could be in the form of images, videos, GPS data or sounds that supplements or augments the real world object or the environment. Hence the name Augmented Reality.

How is this possible?

The developer ties contextual information to the real world object known as the ‘marker’ in the form of embedded patterns. When the AR device, be it a mobile or a tablet, is pointed at this real world marker, the AR app in the device receives the digital information from the marker object through the camera. It then executes the marker’s code and overlays computer-generated information onto the screen of the device on the real world object.

AR devices include hand-held devices, mobile device, tablets, headsets, eye gears, glasses and even contact lenses.

About the Device

While the world views these AR images widely through the mobile, Vinformax have created a new device that makes these images seem more alive. How do we do this?

We have designed a tablet, that’s been made of Transparent Glass. This AR device which is 14” long has a 10.4” screen that’s made of transparent glass. It runs on Android OS, hence can perform all functions of a tablet. Playing a song, reading a book, browsing through the internet etc. can all be done through this tablet. In addition, since the wide screen is made of transparent glass, the images seen through this AR device, are visually more realistic and life-like.

  1. Pictures of the devices
  2. Pictures of what it can do

USP of the Device

Our device is the first of its kind in the world. This device can be best used for Augmented Reality as the user does not see a repeat of the visual. Instead he / she sees only the overlaid multimedia content of the real world marker object through the glass. The device has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other standard features as any other tablet thus giving the user a complete experience. One need not switch to other devices for other uses. The large 10.4 inch screen allows for long hours of browsing and other activities.

Technical features — Platform, Camera and compatibility

  1. 4 Trans LED Screen with Touch
  2. Android 5.0
  3. 6000 mah Battery
  4. WiFi / Bluetooth
  5. Built Specially for AR applications
  6. 10mp Camera

Applications of AR and the futuristic AR device are limitless.

We create AR multimedia content, be it images, videos, animation or digital surround sound.

AR is widely used in tourism to tie information about the historical places of interest for the tourists. In Education, the standard content can be overlaid with multimedia content to make the concepts interesting. All a student has to do is look at the standard content through the AR device to get in-depth understanding of the concept. In gaming, AR is used to experience digital game play in real world environment. In the medical field, it can be used to educate the patients about their illness, provide the surgeon with supplemented information about the patient etc. Possibilities are limitless.

Why Vinformax?

We at Vinformax set our own standards and run our own race against Technology, always striving to stay ahead. Our competitive strength lies in our investment in state-of-the-art technological equipment.

In addition, as we have both IT and Animation departments working under the same umbrella. Hence we get to leverage the best of both IT and Animation and use it to our advantage. Hence whatever be your requirement, we can assure you that our solution will leave you delighted!

You have the opportunity and we have the capability. Come, let’s Augment Reality Together!

Vinformax Ar:

Bring images to life with the new Augmented Reality application from Vinformax.

Images can be printed on paper, TShirts, coffee mugs, or literally anywhere you want. Just open the app and strike the camera towards the image to see them come alive.

Download the link for Android and IOS.

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