A Wedding Invite — That Was Never Sent

For Co-workers, Friends, and Peers

Vinish Garg
Oct 3, 2017 · 3 min read

Last week, one of my friends asked me to help him write a wedding invite email that he could send it to his co-workers and friends.

He planned to send a customary wedding invitation — a video, or a designer visual as an attachment, but the email itself too needs to stay in the mind.

I hate writing customary stuff when we have a choice to be different and personalized. I proposed a draft and then two more.

The fact that he did not use any of my versions means that I was doing a good job.

I like reluctance to accept my proposals — this is how I love to work with my clients too — where they need to make an effort to realize that my proposal makes sense.

A quick acceptance and yes to what I propose generally means that they have not thought much about it.

Here are the three messages that I proposed. For privacy reasons, I have changed the original names, and the wedding logistics.

Something is Cooking.


A captain met a chef over a walk. They decided to do some adventure to try some of the best dishes in the world. The kitchen is being setup for 19 November, in Chandigarh.

The Captain is Ab.
The Chef is Ba.

To find out the ingredients, you are invited to be there.

Ba and Ab
November 19, 2022 (Saturday)

08:00 PM. <location>, Sector 10

Call 9810x xxxxx if you want to indulge in dill butter.

“Something else.” — my friend responded.

Since he is an engineer, these two words could have meant a ‘liking’ or an ‘outright no’. I have often lived by analogies, and references, and contexts, and I proposed two more.

Musea Guggenheim Comes to Chandigarh.

Museo Guggenheim (of Spain) comes to Chandigarh.

Not yet. Are you Interested?

An architect was stuck while working on a sketch when another hand held the pencil and extended the arc. It was exactly how both the minds wanted and soon they joined erasers and arcs to craft the most beautiful and personalized building in the world.

The canvas is setup for 19 November where you can smell the white space.

The Architect is Ab.
The Extension is Ba.

As they setup their own little Museo, you can peep inside their windows, as we invite you:

Ba and Ab
November 19, 2022 (Saturday)

08:00 PM. <location>, Sector 10

Call 9810x xxxxx if you have a fascination for geometry corners, or any color constraints.


Wheels Down for a While.

The aircraft lands now.

A pilot and her copilot were flying alone. Above the sea. As they saw hoards of little creatures down on earth, they realized the need for a crew in their life. The world’s sweetest, cutest, prettiest, and brightest crew — their family — their extension — their life.

The landing is on 19 November.

The pilot controls the roll of the plane by raising one aileron — he is Ab.
The copilot ensures the direction — she is Ba.

You are welcome to join, and you can get your boarding pass:

Ba and Ab
November 19, 2022 (Saturday)

08:00 PM. <location>, Sector 10

Call 9810x xxxxx for your terminal preferences, if any.

As I said, there was reluctance and I was happy about it because his own alignment was more important. So, none of my proposed messages was actually used in the email.

When I shared these drafts, my mind was working on the artwork too — to use pictures of a dish, building, or an aircraft, for a visual appeal in the message.

A wedding invite that was never sent.

I am Vinish Garg, and I craft liners and messages for different audiences and contexts (with the semantics and rationale aside). See a few examples here.

If you liked any of these wedding invite emails, please recommend it (the little handclap) so that it can reach more people.

Photo by Gabriel Gurrola on Unsplash

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