I Quit Facebook. And It Does Not Matter to Anyone.

None of my Facebook friends know that I have quit Facebook. My family too does not know it.

I quit Facebook many days back in September. Anyone for whom I may be an important Facebook contact does not know it. Anyone who is important to me does not know it either.

And if they noticed and did not ask me about quitting Facebook, it means that my Facebook account does not matter to them.

Not About Privacy or Utility

I notice that a majority of recent decisions to quit Facebook are driven by concerns in either:

  • Privacy (data leaks, and we have enough evidence on that), or
  • Utility (its usefulness or uselessness to their work or life)

For me, it was neither of these.

Note: I never used the Facebook app, I always used Facebook in a browser.

Privacy: I am not concerned for my data — Google has far more than Facebook has and I cannot quit Google, at least now.

Utility: Facebook have been quite useful to me. I enjoyed the healthy conversations in many communities, most notably in the Content Strategists Facebook group. See two examples below.

And I enjoyed the quick snackable notes to myself.

I made some wonderful friends on Facebook, and learnt about their families, their interests, their work, and travel experiences.

So it was NOT about privacy or utility.

I Quit Facebook for Something Else

I quit Facebook because I started evaluating it for some returns. As if Facebook is a proxy contact and not a medium.

I thought I was being a Sharer but it did not always Share back.

I thought I was being a Liker but it did not always Like back.

I thought of sharing my letter to my son. But Facebook did not contribute.

I spread the language love. It got spread as if butter on bread. Confined and Limited.

I troubled Facebook and it did not trouble me back. Or, it was too vague to trouble back and it did not really matter.

For instance, I posted a few seemingly lost posts and it asked me in the language of Community Standards.

It was part community standards, and part everything else.

I continued though because I found my water well in the Facebook wall — to hear my echo.

The echo I heard was diluted.

Well, I could not be neutral anymore. And I did not welcome Facebook being neutral to my presence there. It had to be opinionable.

I realized that being on Facebook is no big deal. Likewise, should be for quitting Facebook. Unlike Smoking.

And I did.

Smoking can cause dark patterns on the lips, Facebook can cause dark patterns in the echo. But unlike in Smoking, quitting Facebook does not matter to anyone. Not to a single person. And I am happy about it.