After working with many product teams worldwide as a content strategist or design lead, or sometimes as a product manager for smaller teams, I realize that I was working with them without a title.

Content strategy is challenging for any organization. For a product company, getting started to connect the dots within the digital footprints of an organization, and then translate that energy into a content canvas can be an even bigger challenge.

We have a Github for code and a Figma for design. Do we have such a decentralized way to design the narrative?

Code and Design

I am forty-five today and I see that the trajectory of blowing candles or of flying balloons is changing now. As I wrote to myself when I turned 41, 42, and then 44, a birthday is a like the longest key on the keyboard—the spacebar.

Designing a UX Writing portfolio that invites attention because it is personalized for your work experience.

Lockdown gave me a chance to throw a net in the tech ocean, and here is a quick list of plastic bottles that add to the massive tech debt in the world.

AI, ML, GPT-3 cannot fix the common sense business failures, by Vinish Garg. Photo credits @Unsplash
Sign up, onboarding, product positioning, conversions, validations, support, and service design. As if the plastic in an ocean. Photo credits Unsplash

01. Eventbrite — Design and Experience

We see more stories for why Hey may not work than why Hey might work, but I have different reasons for not using Hey.

Vinish Garg

A guardian of an intent. For the right investments in product teams for 360-Perspective on UX and CX. Co-founder Outcome conference.

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