$1000 for iPhone X, worth or not?

Source: Business Insider

I have been an Apple fan boy for years, my phone, tablet, earbuds, headphones are Apple products.

Admittedly, I have been jealously watching iPhone X unboxing and reviews on recent media updates.

But I am not going to spend that load amount of money on it.

Lemme tell you why.

I have tried to be financially independent from my family for the past 2 years.

I remembered I lived paycheck by paycheck for few months after half year studying abroad before luckily getting a part-time job after training there for few months.

I would also say that unboxing stuffs you love after affording them by your own money is perhaps the greatest pleasure.


But let’s ponder over that $1000:

You can probably spend on MOOCs which are able to hone your skillset.

Or subscribe for informative journals which can show you what’s going on out there apart from lines outside Apple Stores these days.

Or even go for a trip with your family if you haven’t got the chance to do something for your loved ones.


Anyway, everyone is entirely in charge of their decision. Just go to grab it if you can afford.

But before your addiction to its beauty trumps consideration in your thoughts, just make a plea for your mind. Ultimately, will a shiny new iPhone significantly change your life? Or at least your daily workflow?

In my case, I would say NO. I am happy with my 2 year-old iPhone with huge bezel, as per 2017 standard and I consider it’s more reasonable to spend that money on things that will help me to got hundred of Xs in the future.

It is never too early to be an investor, isn’t it?