Best iPad apps 2017

P1 - Calendar, Mail & Productivity

Can it really replace your PC?

Since Apple debuted the iPad Pro in 2015, many have shown skepticism about whether it can replace laptops. However, the Cupertino giant recently pushed the iPad to the next level thanks to overwhelming hardware and software acceleration. Yet, iPads are still running iOS, which is a mobile operating system. Nonetheless, the App Store is reported to have around 2.2 million apps as of January 2017. They are available in many categories and truly less or more enhance your daily workflow. Here are my best categorized apps for the iPad.

📆 Calendar

Google Calendar

This app provide much nicer & enjoyable UI compared to iOS default calendar app. Besides, as a Google app, it is able to detect events from your Gmail accounts and instantly sync across devices.

Calendars 5

The UI is simple and not as appealing as Google Calendar. However, there are 2 features that amaze me. The first one is the ability to intelligently create event based on what users type. The next one is an useful widget which nicely shows events and the amount of time between them.

📩 Mail


Features that I highly appreciate include:

  • Authentication with Touch ID
  • Focused mailboxes in all account which can filter your important mails. You also get push notification only when those important mails arrive.
  • File synchronization with multiple cloud drives.

👨‍💻 Productivity

Files (iOS 11)

The Files app is probably one of the best new features for the iPad in iOS 11. You can manage all your stuffs in Cloud drives: iCloud Drive, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox. Organizing and categorizing files with Tags is also very useful. Next, you can “Drag and Drop” stuffs to Files or within the app as well. Find out more about this transformative iOS 11 feature here.

Duet Display

Do you wanna use your iPad as a secondary screen for you computer? If yes then Duet is a perfect choice for you. The setup process is extremely simple. Just by installing Duet on your PC or Mac and connecting it to an iPad with Duet app opening, you are ready to go.


A great automation app for your iOS devices. Its name simply means: if this then that. IFTTT allows you to create various Applets which connect two services then automate tasks within that combination. For example:


Another great automation app which lets you create workflows which contain a chain of actions. The app is integrated within iOS and is able to allow you to automate various kinds of daily tasks.


Have you struggled in remembering passwords in all sorts of services? 1Password offers great solution for you to manage your logins and identities. Touch ID authentication also make the app a safe and reliable place to store your passwords.


You might have heard about Trello as an effective project management tool for teams. However, I found myself using Trello to mange my daily tasks as well. The interface is user-friendly as well which primarily consists of “Cards” inside “Lists”. You can also attach notes, checklists, files and comments to every card.

Office Lens

Lens is great scanning tool. It is integrated within Office ecosystem so that you can instantly export your scanned documents, cards, whiteboard, papers to OneDrive or attach them to an email in PDF form. Another great feature that I found is that Lens allows users to import photos and export them to PDFs.


A great and easy-to-use design tool to create amazing social media posters, brochures… It is very helpful in marketing practices in which you can visualize your post by a well-design poster. Canva is also available in web-app form therefore your designs are synced flawlessly as well. In other words, you can design from your computer right from where you left in your iPad.

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