Why Brock Lesnar should leave the WWE (for good).

Let’s start with the answer to that (not so weird) question to ask yourself these days if you are a wrestling fan: He doesn’t love it. That’s it, simple right? but you might be thinking…”why the hell is he doing this for so long then?” well, the truth is that Brock didn’t really get the chance to shine outside of the wrestling world (amateur or pro) and don’t get me wrong the dude was really a “beast” sort of speak on his amateur wrestling run for both the Bismarck State College and the University of Minessota, his successful career translates in 106 wins and only 5 losses. Lesnar then entered the world of professional wrestling, signing with the WWE under it’s developmental promotion OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) the same that brought us guys like Randy Orton, Shelton Benjamin, Batista and John Cena. After debuting on the main roster, Lesnar went on to win multiple championships until he left the promotion after a dream match turn into a bad match. Lesnar then started his adventures outside of the wrestling world, he tried the NFL and was cut, then returned to professional wrestling in Japan where he also won multiple championships in the span of one year, Lesnar then decided that he wanted to pursue mixed martial arts and was only at this moment that Lesnar started to shine outside of the Wrestling world and maybe was also at that time (even though he mentioned that he never really loved the sport) he lost the appreciation for pro wrestling.

The thing that always stay stucked in my head is that in my mind Wrestling was never the first option for Lesnar, otherwise he wouldn’t pursue a career in other sports and if it wasn’t for an injury, probably Brock would never have left the UFC to come back to the WWE. So the only answer for “why he still does this” is: the Money. He is the box office and he does what he want’s, hell, they even gave him one of the most iconic things in the WWE, The Streak, he became the one in 21–1 for no reason at all, Lesnar didn’t need a push at that time and he surely doesn’t need it now, matter fact Brock doesn’t need wrestling at all, he never had the skills at pro wrestling, the sad truth that us pro wrestling fans refuse to see is that Lesnar never was the next big thing.

Lesnar didn’t do anything for pro wrestling, pro wrestling did everything for him.