‘ A place for self-enlightenment.’

You might be a very social and extrovert person. You are a blabber-box and you don’t really mind if something happens. Or you can be someone who is always into himself, revaluating the circumstances all the time and over-weighing the instances. Whoever you are, at the end you need yourself. You need to talk to yourself. You need to connect to your soul and ponder a little. You are kinda your best friend!

You face many unexpected situations throughout and many times you react the way you shouldn’t. Egoism being the most important trait for an individual, you cannot afford to accept your unfavorable behavior immediately. But after some time when you are all alone and you reconsider the facts, you realize what happened and what could the further consequences be.

The day when you achieve something, everyone, known or unknown appreciates you and your success and extends warm wishes on the same. But after all the celebration has ceased and you go to your bed with an unknowing smile on your face, you feel like actually praising yourself too. You tell yourself that you have done a great deed but it’s just one target down! This is not all of it. You now have next higher goal to achieve.

You might have a bad day at work. Maybe you reached late, became the target of your boss’ anger, lost a case, incurred losses, had an humiliating incident or had some other reason which spoiled your mood. You don’t feel like talking to anyone or you will vent your anger out on someone. You want to be all by yourself to calm down. You need time for self-indulgence to maybe find a solution to fix what happened. You need solitude to regain peace of mind and rise up!

Solitude is when you need yourself to rub a hand on your shoulder, give yourself a hug and begin refresh. It is not actually synonymous to loneliness. It doesn’t literally mean that you need someone in your life. It is the ‘me-time’ that everyone requires to talk to their soul in order to cope up with emotional situations. It might be through listening to songs, lying down on the bed with eyes closed or sitting on a park or a beach. There is no written universal technique!

Solitude is not being anti-social, it is desiring pro privacy.

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