6 simple questions to set 2017 intentions — My answers

2017 here i come

1) What are 1–3 experiences you want to have in 2017

My answer:

  • Grow in my tech career
  • Learn swimming
  • Have a healthy romantic relationship

2) What are 1–3 relationships you want to focus on deepening in 2017

My answer:

  • My mother
  • My brother
  • My best friend

3) What are 1–3 ways I d like to get out of my comfort zone in 2017

My answer:

  • Setup a trekking business
  • Exercise every morning
  • Use less social media

4) What are 1–3 ways I want to show care and love to myself in 2017

My answer:

  • Saying no to activities and people when it does not feel right in my body
  • Practise yoga and calm myself down
  • Travel more and meet new people.

5) How do I want to be feeling exactly a year from now

My answer:

More confident and stronger

6) What is the word or phrase for my year in 2017

Give yourself the time.

Inspired by: https://medium.com/the-mission/6-easy-questions-to-set-intentions-for-the-2017-293b2421eb9b#.v4lip8y8l

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