Change is good , Change is very important.

Who moved my cheese is a very old book in terms of management principles which i never got my hands on, but i must say the 100 or so pages of this book gave me a new perspective in life.

Change is important, Change with time or you will be killed

Haw chose to change , Hem did not as a result he found out things about himself he never knew. Change is very critical for an individual to grow in society. You cannot be where you were say a 20 years ago.

The world is evolving with time and people are trying out new things you need to, to.

Things i have changed in myself:

  1. I get up early — This was the hardest considering i sleep later than 2 am ;)
  2. Exercise everyday — Walking, running, jogging,hiking, anything and everything.
  3. Complete the work given to me
  4. Learn something new everyday
  5. Write everyday, even if they are small quotes, paragraphs.
  6. Trying to eat healthy — Well still trying :)

Well i have a long way to go, but the change has started this year is going to be for good :)