How creating Startups is like Climbing that mountain

Imagine that ‘Mountain’ is your ultimate goal to owning and running your Startup.

Steps to conquer that Mountain can be many, but the path you choose makes or breaks you so does starting up.

1. Choose the right path

Choosing the right path requires careful consideration and research when climbing that mountain. You need to sit down check various paths and select the one that would give you the maximum satisfaction in the long run. Entrepreneurship is very similar — choosing the right idea and then executing with extreme precision. You don’t get many chances in life to pursue your dreams and build that Startup.

Ideating, planning and executing are very important in the Starting up journey, so is while climbing.

You can also choose to climb from a new path, explore new terrains and in the process learn something new, similar to when entrepreneurs try out something new and experiment with new techniques.

2. The journey is hard, but beautiful

The startup journey is hard, you need to find the right idea, build a great team and toil everyday to reach your goal, which can include finding your first paying customer or maybe getting funding for your idea. Climbing a mountain is no different you find many different trails to reach the peak, in the process you discover the beauty of nature and also find out more about your surroundings and yourself.

The Startup journey is beautiful in its own way. You gradually come out of your shell discover new possible ways to experiment with your idea. You interact and meet with fellow Entrepreneurs just like on a trek you make so many new trek mates, some of which might end up being your friends for life.

There will be days that you feel like giving up. But remember that lone mountaineer who toils away to reach the summit by giving his 100% to achieve the goal. In uncertain times you don’t know when you will be able to climb the summit.

The window period for success is small in Entrepreneurship too.

3. The view at the top is worth all the hard work

When you summit the peak and look down upon the world, the view blows your mind.

The view is worth the struggle, the sleepless nights and the journey. When you acquire your first paid customer or achieve your targets you feel accomplished, it’s like standing on that lone peak leaving behind people who couldn’t make it but you did. The peak is worth the hard work and struggles.

It’s going to be hard, very hard but reaching your destination is worth it.