Rajgad to torna — First hand experience of Sahayadhri’s

Some treks just leave your breath away. Rajgad to torna was one such experience which i can never forget. The beauty of Sayadhri’s is mind boggling and extravagant.

No words can describe the beauty of the mountains.

Numerous pools of water, numerous new experiences, numerous slips and pristine beauty of the mountains is what i got over the Independence day weekend.

We trekked first to the top of Rajgad fort which is located near Pune around 50 kms from the main town near a village called Gunjavane. The trek from Gunjavane to Rajgad fort (Padmavati temple) took around 4 hours. We got to the top of Rajgad fort (Balekilla) to end the first day.

Dinner saw amazingly home cooked temple food traditional maharashtrian dishes along with loads of hot hot onion pakode’s (kanda bhaji)

The hospitality of the villagers was unparalleled and meeting, talking with them felt like they knew us for ages.

Second day saw us trek more than 15 kms to reach the base of Torna Fort. The walk, trek and climb was beautiful, adventurous and mind blowing.

The final ascend to Torna saw us getting the fear out of our minds and climbing a tough rock patch with water flowing through it.

Many of the first timers in the trek did brilliant over here. One of the locals helped us get through this patch listening to his love for running how he came first in the village run over this very fort(Torna) and how he almost got through selections in one of the state events. He offered us sweet nimbu paani.

Day 2 ended with our talks about our latest achievement how each of us got through our fear plus some more pakode’s and daal rice.

Day 3 Independence day saw us hosting the flag with few locals on Torna fort. We sang the national anthem it was an awesome feeling to be on the top Shivaji’s fort on India’s Independence day.

We descended through the entrance of Torna fort towards a village called Velhe.

while climbing down torna fort

All and all it was an experience that will never be forgotten and people who i met never go out of my mind.

Treks and adventure just open a new part of you, to show you what you are capable of.

Life is short do trek, travel and explore.

Maybe on one such place you will find your true self.

I am glad i made new friends — Priyatham,Bhupendra, Sujith, Rishabh , Siddharth, Sheik, Haleema, Ram, Harish, Bhanu and as always cheers to some old friends Praveen and Shyam.

~~ Till we meet/trek again ~~