First note

Okay, understanding that this platform called “Medium” is a medium through which one can pen their thoughts and views about anything, I’d take the privilege to write about “Writing” most popularly known as “Blogging” in Social Media terminology.

I've created multiple accounts on blogging channels, networks, etc- but I could never keep up with being consistent on any of those. Recently I have started writing articles on my LinkedIn channel. These articles are purely for the purpose of learning on professional level and sharing the experiences.

I think writing or the ability to word down your thoughts is one of the most beautiful virtue we human beings can exercise onto spreading the fresh air of “what” we like or would want to give our suggestions on. I think it is high time for me to “not” really understand this and be a lethargic grumpy person who “can” write, but does not want to as laziness overpowers her idea to start with exhibiting her views via writing.

So looking ahead to a new start here to write, because “Write like everyone wants to read your story, be a STORYTELLER”. Period.

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