6 tricks to combat writer’s block

Writer’s block. Every writer’s nightmare. Not just writer, but anybody who has to get a piece of writing done. Be it a report, a school essay, a college assignment or the appraisal documents to fill every quarter.

That’s an interesting take on it, Bill Watterson

We put writers on pedestal. But the truth is they don’t get things right in one shot. The journey is ridden with hurdles and dilemmas and sprinklings of procrastination and ‘i-dont-know-what-to-write-about’.

Well here’s what I do when the block hits me.

  1. Take a loo break. For real. I get the best ideas when I am in the washroom for some reason. Maybe it will work out for you too.
  2. Move on to Quora and read some interesting answers.
  3. Play upbeat music. I swear by AR Rahman’s soundtrack for Rockstar. Pure gold.
  4. Go for a snack break. Check out the food trucks near office. Time for Pani puri! Or Ginger Tea or just good old Coffee!
  5. Look over content written previously. I have created amazing stuff before. I can do it again! Stay positive.
  6. Check out Zenpencils. Inspirational stuff to get my creative mode on!

What’s common to most of these is that I stop worrying about the current mess I am in. I immerse myself in new experiences, new environments. This helps me to energize myself and when I come back I am able to look at my content from a different perspective.

Take that writer’s block!

So, which method works well for you?