The Trials of Being a Content Writer

I never really aspired to be a writer. An archaeologist, sure! A symbologist, yes, Dan Brown is to be blamed for that. But writer? Nope.

Do you know what my Master’s is in? Finance. Yes, you got that right. Finance.

Despite my number-crunching background, I am crunching words today.

Due to a bizarre series of events, and love of writing, I am the Lead Content Writer at an IT startup. And I get to do a variety of stuff. Right from documenting APIs and SDKs to covering the Rio Olympics to writing sports film reviews, I am doing it all. In my spare time, I write on Wattpad. I even participated in the Write India short story contest by Times of India.

I am a Content Writer who is treading a number of forms. The typical Jack(elin?) of all trades. And I fear that maybe I am not a good writer after all. I don’t have a niche to stick to. I write on diverse topics. But do I do justice to all? I do not know.

You can probably guess my fatal flaw by now. It is excessive humility / diffidence.

I constantly worry that my writing isn’t up to the mark.

It’s boring.

Nobody would bother reading.

These are the words I hear in my mind after writing a blog post and before clicking the Publish button. Yes, the same thought occurred before I submitted this write-up. Most people I know don’t read. Heck, my spouse doesn’t read. So, when I write blog post after post and find depressing stats, I really lose the will to write.

But I have a question again. Do I write for myself? To express my emotions, thoughts? Or do I write for likes and re-blogs?

My answer is both. I want soul satisfaction and social validation. Can I not have both?

Social validation is a joke oftentimes. When people learn what I do for a living, I get a blank stare. People before Gen Y might not know what I am talking about. Heck, my job role was invented because the Internet was invented. But that’s okay. In my previous office, my Gen Y colleague once mentioned about the Content team,

“These guys have it easy. They just open a Word doc and stare at the blank screen all day. And if nothing is written, they blame it on writer’s block.”

Yeah well, writing is an art, not a science experiment that can be performed and results notified in a jiffy.

And I also get this,

“Why are you putting in so much effort? No one’s going to read this anyway.”


So, I am still working on the social validation part… Perhaps one day my blog will take off and then these people will know…

Soul satisfaction, on the other hand, is really cool. At the end of the day, a piece well written, or a line that fit really well into the paragraph, or even a metaphor I used, is enough to bring a smile onto my face.

And that, according to me, is soul satisfaction.