How Google Ranks your Website Pages

Google runs a unique algorithm to rank your website pages in Search Engine Results Page. It checks some factors in your website, if it satisfies your website will rank on the results page. In this article, we are going to see what are the factors Google checks for ranking your page.

Google tests for four major factors from your website. Lets us see one by one.

The first thing is that your website must be popular and it should contain many authority backlinks. It should include thousands and millions of backlinks from related domain or same niche domains. Even a single link from the unauthority site will degrade your website rankings. It also checks your domain authority and page authority.

Second thing is that On-Page Optimization. On-page is one of the techniques used in Search Engine Optimization methods. It includes the page title, URL structure and keyword prominence in title, article and meta description, etc.

The third thing is about description about your page, relevant links, and quality of your bank links. Giving backlinks from that same niche is important. The external links should be from authority sites. Off-page Optimization is one of the promotion methods beyond the web design and on-page factors. This is a process of performing the activities outside of the website. Not only On-Page Seo will boost your ranking in SERP. Along with On-Page, Off-Page SEO technique is crucial in ranking the website.

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