How to Highlight the Menu Text Color on Hover in any WordPress Site

Nowadays a website is essential for any business. Most of the designers using WordPress CMS (Content Management System) to create and develop websites for different purposes. By using the theme settings, we can change the active link text color. To change the menu text color on hover, we should add custom CSS.



For live preview click this link:


Add the following code in custom CSS Section. If you are using DIVI theme, go to DIVI-> Theme Options-> Custom CSS in DIVI dashboard.


/* Change menu item hover color here */
#top-menu-nav #top-menu a:hover,
#mobile_menu_slide a:hover { 
 color: #2EA3F2 !important; 
 opacity:1 !important;

Note: You can change the color code according to your theme.

If you insert the above code to your website, you can modify the color of the linked text on hover.