How to Publish an Article in Live Journal

Live Journal is one of the free social networking services to create and publish your Blogs, Journal or Diary. Anyone can register in this network by their Email-id and create their free own blogs. You can share your thoughts, give ideas and exchange your skills in this platform. Let us see how to publish an article in Live Journal Account.

Step 1:

Create a Live Journal Account by using Email-id

Step 2:

Click Post New Entry which is on the right top corner

Step 3:

Give title and content. In the text area, there are two editors are there. They are the visual editor and HTML editor.

Step 4:

You can add moods, location, and music which is in the right sidebar.

Step 5:

In the tags section, you can add some tags. The tags are the important factor in Search Engine Optimization.

Finally, publish your post. You can edit your post at any time by Edit Entry option.

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