Tips to Create an SEO Friendly Page — Part 3 of 3

Welcome to the part 3 of Tips to Create an SEO Friendly Page. In the previous two articles, we saw some techniques to create a page with SEO Friendly. Let us see a quick preview of part 1 and 2.

Quick Preview of Part 1 & 2:

· Select Your Target Keyword

· Use H1 and H2 Tags

· Add Meta Title

· Add Meta Description

· Keyword Selection

· Keyword Usage

· Robots.txt

· Broken Links

· SEO Friendly URL

· Image Alt Text

· Inline CSS

· Sitemap Submission

· Deprecated HTML Tags

· Google Analytics Code

· Favicon

· Site Loading Speed

Let us see some advanced SEO techniques

Flash objects:

Don’t include any Flash objects into your website, because those flash objects are an outdated technology used to deliver the high multimedia objects. Some browsers and mobile phones don’t support these types of objects.

Canonical Tag

You should include this tag to nominate the parent or primary pages when there are several pages are similar duplicate content in your site.


Nested Tables, Frameset

Try to avoid nested tables and frameset on your website, because it will increase the loading time of the webpage. To improve the user experience don’t add any nested tables.

Make it Secure with SSL Certifications

Use HTTPS for the secure communication protocol over the internet for your website.

Microdata Schema

Add HTML Microdata specifications to your site. This will helps search engine crawlers to crawl the main informations.

Noindex Tag

Make sure you are not using any noindex tags. These tags will hide your website from search engine crawlers.

Tips to Create an SEO Friendly Page — Part 1 of 3
Tips to Create an SEO Friendly Page — Part 2 of 3

Final Thoughts

These three articles will help you to create an SEO friendly page for your business website. If you have any questions regarding this, drop a comment.