What are the things you should not mention to your resume (CV)

Your resume will say all about you while attending the interview for MNC (Multinational Companies) and other companies. There are some things you should not mention into your resume to get a positive impression from the recruiter. So here are the tips.

1. Fancy Fonts and Colors

The font should look like professional. You must not use any decorative fonts and slanting fonts. The font must be professional. Because you are going to join in a professional company.

The color of the font should be black or dark gray. Don’t use any bright colors like red, yellow and orange. It will create a bad impression. You can include Blue color.

2. Why you left a last company

You should not mention any reason you left a company or position. You may think, why I shouldn’t explain why I left the last company on my CV, maybe this chances will improve. But it is an unnecessary thing on your resume. It’s not the time or place to bring up transitions from one company to the next.

3. Flowery Language

You should not add flowery language such as exquisite, outstanding or exciting like that. Every point in your resume should show your ability skills and your empowerment.

4. Irrelevant Work Experiences

Don’t add you have irrelevant skills like worked in a pizza shop or other. This is unnecessary things in CV.

5. Grammatical errors

Your resume will serve as a sample of your writing skills and evidence of whether or not you are detail oriented.

6. Images, Header, and Footers

You should not add any random pictures, headers, and footers to your resume. Prepare your resume as crystal clear.

7. Unprofessional Email Address

The email address should look like a professional. If you created your email address in your childhood days means, no problem you can create a new email account to use professionally.

At last, your resume should not exceed more than four pages. All the best for your bright future.