No, thank you Gender.

When you open the ‘About’ column on my Facebook page, you’ll see this rather interesting category I’ve chosen to put myself in when it comes to gender. It’s called gender non-conforming. It means I don’t follow or believe in gender. Why? Because I think it is a ridiculous concept which belittles a person’s individuality. I don’t want to be referred to as the smartest girl/woman somebody met. I want to be referred to as ‘quite a smart human being’. Now, I feel ‘human being’ doesn’t belittle our individuality precisely because none of us relate to that word. We aren’t made to identify with the word ‘human being’ since the day we were born. My room wasn’t painted pink because I was a human being. It was painted that colour because I was a girl (Okay, this is an over-exaggeration. I didn’t have a room to myself when I was born. I slept in between my parents till sixth standard because my mother loved me too much. At least I’d like to believe that was the only reason. But you get the point.) Human beings is basically everyone who can read (for now). So identifying me as a smart human being is basically calling me smart. However, identifying me as a smart girl is basically looking at two factors of my life, being smart and being a girl. The latter has multiple meanings to it, that I don’t want to relate to, thanks to society. I have another issue with being called the smartest girl as well. In our society, people still think it’s easier to be the smartest girl than to be the smartest boy (because boys are smarter than girls woohoo! This isn’t a hate on people with penises, just a general observation of people’s thinking style.)
So, all I’m saying is that by being a girl there are a number of factors that automatically become a part of my life. I’m dumber, more polite, emotional, committed, and focussed by default. They aren’t bad qualities. It’s just extremely stupid to put such qualities in every person with a vagina. They are mere stereotypes which, according to the rational part of the society, shouldn’t really bother me. But well it does. And I see no reason to stay attached to this identity. Also, do you see the male female dominance in these human created gender identities? Do we have stereotypes for cross dressers? Or trans people? There are multiple identifiers, yes. But not a match to males and females. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. I hate stereotypes, don’t get me wrong. I’m just pointing out a difference. I’m also trying to point out how we will always have to live with our gender identities once we opt them. If I’m a trans person, I’ll first be identified as transgendered, then by my name, and then religion and so on. Gender is the easiest thing to spot in a person. So we go ahead and put them in that category first and then something else. And of course with that category come a bundle of “default behaviour types”, as I already mentioned above.
Also I’m sure everybody has noticed that with gender not being a hindrance in our lives, there wouldn’t be a homosexual “closet”. Men would no longer be supposed to be with women (I don’t know who the society expects trans people to have sex with). There won’t be any males, females, or transgenders. Easy way to live, right? THEN WHY SHOULD WE PAY HEED TO GENDER, PARENTS?!!!

I dress like a girl. I get my stuff waxed. I have long hair. I get my eyebrows done. I like wearing all types of clothes, but I love wearing dresses and shorts. But this is not because I want to look like a girl. This is a mere force of habit. I think these things make me look good (yes, I’m superficial. And I know they don’t necessarily make me look good and that it’s just society’s way of choosing my style for me, telling me what looks good and what doesn’t. #fashion.) But I don’t want to be identified with how I look. I’m a fucked up, arrogant, narcissist who hates differences and obscure categories creating a false sense of similarity. Dude, I’d much rather bond with another narcissist than another human with a vagina solely because this human possesses a vagina. I’m not like every other person with a vagina. We are all different. There is nothing similar. You see more girls crying than boys? That’s just because our dear society has fed it into the boys’ minds that boys don’t cry. Whatever you see as prima facie similarity is just a fucking farce created by YOU, YOUR PARENTS, YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY. It’s not true. Look deeper.

Say no to gender. Say no, thank you Gender.