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Hello World,

I keep writing open letters to my readers to let you know what is going on in my mind with respect to Sharesume. And if you could help in any way, call me right away on +919766863513.

There are 400 million+ professionals across the world. More than 90% have resumes. You have a resume too. Everyone of us have a resume and it has a life. It lives with us for quite a number of years. For most the journey with a resume starts in final year of college (For me it started right after high school).

This is how the journey typically begins. You start searching, what does a resume look like? What does a STANDARD resume look like? Google is the first thing in your mind. But Google disappoints you in no time with the large number of different formats of resumes. Then you move to seniors, or friends. Most likely you will ask that person, who landed a good job recently, for their resume. A word doc is the preferred type, so that you can simply change the content (the content is also designed similar to this friend’s resume) and tadaa! Your resume is ready. Then starts the process of emailing the resume to college authorities that take care of student placements, employers, relatives at good position, friends, etc.

If you concentrate on the actions, this is how it looks like:

  • Researching how a standard resume looks like
  • Creating resume content
  • Putting the content into MS Word and designing the layout
  • Creating a PDF copy
  • Finding email addresses of employers (recruiters will generally share careers@<domain>.com or similar email addresses dedicated to receiving all resumes)
  • Attaching resume to email, typing a cover letter and sending to the email
  • Then starts anticipation of a response to the email
  • Not just this, in a couple of months when they look out for a new job, people go back to the doc format of their resume, update it, maybe redesign it to look a little more presentable, create a PDF copy, find email addresses of new set of employers and so on…

Having seen the recruitment industry from multiple perspectives, I have designed a solution that makes resume creating, updating and sharing as simple as it can get. When you look at the problem from a distance, it looks to be a small problem of creating, updating and sharing resumes, but when you closely work on this problem, you realize the implications it can have on the careers of millions of professionals across the world. I have done extensive research on the problem statement, that helped me design a solution like Sharesume that has the potential of touching a billion lives across the globe for a positive change.

Where am I today?

I have completed the validation of the idea and designing the solution. Currently, I am working on creating mockups for the final product. I am not a developer, hence, my capabilities to build the product is limited. If you find the problem worth spending your life on, do join me. I am available on +919766863513 or drop me an email.

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