Ten New Jobs For the Self-Driving Movement

Everyone is fearing a massive job loss. 4–5 million. I think we’re going to see an explosion of new jobs. Because while the cars may be self-driving, they aren’t self-selling. We’ll have to build new ecosystems to service this new market.

  1. Car Upgrade Mechanics

Outfitting older cars with an autonomous driving kit is going to be a huge business. Mechanics will have to follow a script for each model. Run quality assurance tests to make sure the upgrade doesn’t have any compatibility issues.

2. Autonomous Accident Liability Lawyers

What happens when cars get into an accident? Who is at fault the driver or the company? We’ll need a different kind of lawyer defend those cases.

3. App developers

The use cases are abundant. Pick different routes, sync with other cars, in app car messaging, learn from the road. Developers will have to start using those skills and building car apps with whatever operating system becomes standard.

4. Customer Success Agents

When there’s technology, there will questions how to use the product and bug reports. The Service reps will be available on text and voice.

5. Car Sales Engineers

Dealers may disappear. But as the market saturates we will still need reps to explain why one car is superior than another.

6. Traffic Control Manager

Traffic lights will be redundant. Sensors will automatically program the cars to stop and go based on the traffic conditions. It will be a system similar to air traffic control and people have to monitor it.

7. Car Hailing Agents

This is more of business versus a job but people can create new services around deploying cars. Individuals will be able to own a fleet of cars that can be summoned for a fee based on availability and proximity.

8. Car Maintenance Engineer

Like all software, the product will have to be brought in to the shop for diagnostics and on site maintenance.

9. Vehicle Security Engineers

Where there’s code, there’s money to be made hacking it. As we start doing most of our business in our cars during the commute, security will be a huge issue for sensitive documents.

10. Entertainers

What are you going to do in your car? You’ll need to seek out new forms of entertainment. Podcasts, music, moves. More great content will be needed to fill up all the time that will get freed up.

I’m sure hundreds of jobs and services will be created. I’d love to hear what else is our there.