Happy Birthday Dad

So today is Halloween. It’s also my Dad’s Birthday, so every year my family has been lucky enough to celebrate this day with a lot of candy and cake. I feel like I am the luckiest man alive to have been taught, disciplined and loved by this man. I will never say I have the BEST dad in the world cause that’s just a dumb statement, most of us think that so it’s impossible for this statement ever to be true for anyone, but I can tell you I do feel blessed and must have done something amazing in a past life to be his son today. I want you to know dad that I have grown up to become a MAN because of you, and Sapna, Shelly and myself are very proud of what you have done for our family and the person you have been and evolved into.

We are a loud bunch, we fight for what is right, we speak our minds and there was never anything a girl could not do, in fact you preached for women to do it better than men, and they probably do. Today as we fight my battle together, all the life lessons you have taught us are allowing us to Win. You taught us what it means to be a Singh and the Lion mentality that comes with our name.

You picked me up when I had a bone sticking out of my arm, softly punched my other arm on the way to the hospital and told me, ‘see now your broken arm doesn’t hurt any more, your other arm hurts.” (Now ya’ll know where the toughness comes from and thick skin).

You did not grow up playing basketball, but every day when you came home from work we would crumble a piece a paper and use the two lamp shades as baskets, I’m sure mom just loved that. When we moved and you built my outdoor goal, you noticed the days no one was playing outside and I was by myself. I knew (after the world news, of course) you would come out and play with me. Your defense style was to hold your arms out and I was too small and weak to break through them, but it taught me to not be intimidated no matter how big and strong the opposition is.

You fought for me when my high school had an issue with a boy wearing an earring. Every other parent thought it was such a bad and horrible thing, but you had my back and fought for what I wanted because you understood I was a good student and this was a form of expression for a young kid finding his way. Who would have thought two years later every boy in the school had earrings, and what you don’t know, is that you actually allowed all of them to express themselves as the policy changed due to you.

You picked me up when I struggled in my 20s to really find my path in life. You kicked me out of the house, remember Mehul packing my bag and Toby picking me up. It was the best thing any father could do and don’t I wish more would. The moment you saw I was finally correcting myself, you were right there by my side to guide me. You did judge me because you knew I was much better than I was showing and you fought with me to bring my true nature out. It worked.

I hated physics, well I still hate it. That summer at University of Texas, I struggled with this course, which by the way, a grade of 50 was considered a “B,” ridiculous, I drove home every weekend. You sat with me for hours on end, tutoring me, teaching me things my professors never could. I passed that class and then conveniently decided engineering was not for me, but you were there. I was not the only one either, that pen and clock thingy that was on our mantel was given to you by a child that had every obstacle society brings against her. Success was not common in her world, but you brought her into our home and tutored her to graduate high school and go to college. She was not family, she was not a friend, she was just a child that you saw needed help and you did. That clock thingy signifies who you are, I have no doubt that girl has succeeded.

You came here with basically nothing. You built us an empire of morals, ethics, food, fun and most importantly love and family. We are so proud of you and we are so strong due to your decisions and impact.

We say if I could be half the man my father is, I could die a happy man. Well screw that, I surpassed that a long time ago and the reason I did, my dad won’t accept me to do anything half way. I’m not quite there but I am really working on it.

We road in to my wedding together on horses because I would not have it any other way.

Dad, I am really fighting hard right now and it’s really a tough fight. I can tell you though, I am so prepared and well equipped for this battle because you trained me for 37 years. This weekend you still stood there steadfast with confidence that we were winning and going to win and that is how I know we will.

Shelly, Sapna, Mehul, Anita, Alok, Savan, Surina and I love you and mom with all our hearts and like I said before, we are so proud to be your kids and more proud of both of you. You kicked ass in the raising kids department.

(Shelly how does it feel to finally be listed first, I thought I would give it a try).

Happy birthday and Happy Halloween to the BEST DAD out there. See what I did there haha.

Everyone eat candy, not too much because sugar just isn’t that good, and tell your parents how you really feel about them. They deserve it.

Much Love and keep fighting for your loved ones to be better each day.



Dad and me riding dirty into my wedding
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