Self Consumed

Think about your mom. Think about the love that we all know is so unconditional, we have no idea what it feels like, until our powerful sisters and friends grow up and have their own. What we do have an idea about is that every night we went out to a club, our moms would not sleep until they heard the door open at 3am. Each time I went into surgery for one of my many broken bones, I was ok but my mom was terrified. Approaching the age of 16 and getting a driver’s license was a green light to drag race at every red light(see what I did there with the green light and red light):), for her it was another worry and sleepless night. Remember that time I walked into the house with a busted nose, I thought I was tough, how did my mom feel about that. Think about your mom as you read on.

People ask me how I can be so positive when I am fighting the all so powerful (not) cancer. How can I show so much strength when there is such a tough battle to be won ahead? Well here is my simple answer. I think about my mom, my dad, my sisters, my beautiful wife, my family, my friends and everyone else that will endure a battle ahead of me and those that have fought before me. I think about how the idea that someone can be so selfish in life that they choose not to battle 100% for those around them, sickens me.

I have been extremely selfish in life but I will tell you one thing, I refuse to be that way anymore and I will try every day to be BETTER.

I am talking to you. Yes the excess drinking, it’s selfish or is it? Does your mom want to be in the hospital the day you find out you have health issues due to this? Let’s talk about how unselfish it is to have kids and still go out and drink like you were in college. This statement makes many of you cringe, and you really don’t want to read anymore cause deep inside you know its pointing right at you. Guess what I know you feel this way because I was just like you and I felt this when I would read something I knew I was struggling with. But wait you’re not being selfish here, right?

I am talking to you. Yes the person who refuses to take control of their eating habits and continues to grow unhealthier with each bite. What do you think that picture you posted at the restaurant with a huge steak does to your mom’s heart? Thyroid problem, prove it and I won’t say a word. Come up with any excuse, guess what, I know you are because I did in my life when I was too self-consumed to care who or if I hurt anyone.

I am talking to you. Yes the person who refuses to take control of any issues they are struggling with. Guess what, I was you and I can tell you one thing, you are NOT ALONE, and when you choose to fight for yourself, and to fight for your loved ones, you will find an ARMY that will lead you to a victory you never knew would come. I AM PART OF YOUR ARMY and I will do what it takes to help you. It’s my promise. Stop being selfish and saying you love someone, PROVE IT. Don’t let your words grow meaningless. When you walk out of your mom’s house, she should know that you are a fighter and you are safe. The words I LOVE YOU followed by utter despair because she thinks you might kill yourself with an issue is just plain SELFISH and not fair. STOP IT.

This is not a plea to stop having fun in life, hell ya’ll know fun is my middle name. I have learned however that when my dad always said live life to the fullest but also in moderation, he was right. Shit it took me to get cancer to realize that but I also know that we are still young. We have powerful minds, support, and bodies that can come back from abuse we did in the past. You have the ability to fight right now, gain the strength within your mind, grow you army to help you with your fight, and most importantly live a LONG LIFE regardless of what you have or have to overcome.

I have a fear and that fear stems from what I can now clearly see around me. My PLEA is to let me fight this battle for you, make the right decisions in life so you are not led down a road where you have to fight for your LIFE, however BIG that sounds it is MY REALITY. I don’t know what caused my cancer and it’s rare for someone my age to get it, I don’t want you in my situation. Like I said you are young and your body will respond in an amazing way.

Love you all and I am here for you. Look at the ARMY we have grown in such a short time, this is YOUR ARMY and like I said WE ONLY WIN.

Love you all and Texas Football starts soon so get ready for my smack talking.