Don’t Worry, Everything’s Fine Now

You are the perfect antidote for all this political warfare. I might sit in this foxhole until I’ve read every piece.

I deduced where the guilt originated. Millenia ago, the ancient wise-guys who interpreted religion for the senile and stupid were convinced that this Santa in the clouds rewarded us for being miserable. “Don’t worry that you haven’t got a pot to piss in, you’ll be rewarded in heaven.” Christ almighty, if you died for your beliefs they might put you in the hall of fame. It became an olympic sport with zealots. Of course, the rewards were bestowed after you died, which only made you more miserable. Anyway, it follows logically that if we’re patted on the back for suffering, obviously, we should be punished for any pleasure. That’s my dad! You and I know how much sense that makes but these are people who believe in a virgin birth and a talking snake. Knowing this nugget helped me embrace my perverted, selfish, sex-crazed personality. I’m happy and, more importantly, I’m happy about being happy. Hope I didn’t just jinx your writing, love.

Also, the “forbidden knowledge” story is another butchered interpretation. It may have been the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil but, they didn’t eat the tree! They ate the fruit of the tree (Judgement). So, Judgement kicks you out of paradise [heavy!!] but that doesn’t make it bad. If you say that it’s just another judgement.

Isn’t it amazing that one misunderstanding of something religious could start a war between the church and science that continues to this day? Why is it, religious seeds are planted the deepest?

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