Mundane Grace
Jonas Ellison

You mustn’t dwell on Satanic possession, Jonas. Satan is a mythical archetype that represents man in his flawed humanity. His character is a banner for egoism, carnality, selfishness and lack, of course. But, in truth we are merely possessed by human nature in those moments. When I lash out against evil on a mission to benefit my own ego, I’m no different than my enemy — sowing seeds of destruction in my own garden. It then becomes a game to see how long it takes to realize I’m indulging like a son of a bitch.

We slip back into the grace place when we re-cognize our infinite Self. 
In real-izing we are The One (and only) consciousness, of course there is grace in a party of one.

I grin like a reptile when one of those ads comes on where someone is calling customer service and the rep — is them. It’s like that.