Only when you have lost everything, are you free to do anything.

I quit my Business Development/Sales Job in January, 2016 with the intention of starting my own Online Fashion Technology Venture. I was extremely passionate, maybe a little too much. I wanted to make it big and have my articles published in publications. I wanted to achieve greatness. However, there was a minor problem. I knew nothing about startups. I had no skill set to showoff. I did not even have a well defined idea. However, I did have a Technical cofounder (TC). I had support. We shall conquer the Online Fashion World together.

I had very high hopes from TC. I had already started dreaming about all the articles that will be written about us. I went as far as writing an imaginary article about how Spoina is the next Unicorn Startup. I also wrote an interview which I gave to myself. Life was all sunshine and rainbows.

Very soon I realised, TC is not as talented as he claims to be. He is struggling with the most basic stuff. He is no good. He is only wasting our time. With this realisation, one by one all my dreams were shattered. I did not want to enter the Startup World alone. I was too scared. I decided to fire TC and get someone else in his place.

Thoughts. Bad Thoughts. Am I doing the right thing? Am I prepared to do this? Should I do something else? Will I get a job now? Anxiety. Fear. Tension. Depression. First time in my life I had hit Rock Bottom. However, during this time I had begun to understand the market better. I decided to teach myself basic website development and got a Fashion Cofounder (FC).

I built a prototype and started working with my FC. Things began to look up. The Sun was shining brighter. I even joined a coworking space. My very first office. I was happy. Things have begun to fall in place. I started dreaming again. This time of a record acquisition from a US based Fashion Company. The biggest acquisition deal in India. I wrote another article. I loved dreaming. I loved being happy.

However, the happiness was short lived as I had to fire the FC again due to incompetence. She was extremely unprofessional, not dedicated, callous and uninterested. I had to fire her. Things were getting worse. There was a void in my stomach. My throat was heavy. My eyes were blurred. It was clinical depression. I had hit Rock Bottom. Again.

With high fever and lower ambitions I started making my resume to apply for jobs. It was during this time that I saw Rocky Balboa. The motivating speech which Rocky gives to his son stuck with me.

It ain’t how hard you can hit, it’s how hard you can get hit and still get up. That’s how winning is done.

I am not a quitter. This time I decided to make my own team sans cofounders. Which I did, and I am very happy. I won’t say I am successful but I am already on the right path inching closer to my dream with each passing day.

It’s only when you have lost everything, then you are free to do anything.

However hard life hits me, I will still get up and face another round. You can hit me as hard as you want. I will get up every single time. The match is not over till I win.