We need your Money, but we need your Experience more.

I have been rejected by 9 investors in the last one week. Most of them claim that our team does not have enough experience to pull it off.

I am in complete agreement with them investors. With the average age of my team being 23.5, we are inexperienced. That’s where you step in. We want more than your money. We want your expertise, your experience, your involvement in our decisions, your mentorship everything. These are the things that money can’t buy (or hire, we are an early stage bootstrapped venture). If you are only about the money, you should invest in listed companies. You have to complete our team by providing what we lack. You should complement our lack of experience and decision making abilities. You have to help us with your network.

We understand we are expecting a lot from you. We might be just another company you have invested in. However, it’s a big risk to get involved with early stage companies and it is also your responsibility to nurture and grow the company so that us founders can help you get your money back and give you a successful exit.

If there is any angel investor who would like to join the Spoina Family and help us nurture and grow the company, you can reach out to us at vineet@spoina.com. We are a young Fashion Technology Company and are trying to redefine the Online Fashion World by personalising fashion for our users with the help of clever algorithms and expert stylists.