Why shopping fashion online is not a good idea.. And how we are going to help solve this issue..

This blog is all about making your online fashion experience much simpler. After reading this blog you are going to love the online shopping experience. So, lets start with the issues people generally face while shopping through the e-commerce websites.

Problems people face

  • Busy schedules in our lives don’t let us spend too much time on internet or physically to shop the looks that we desire or which suit our personality.
  • The vast variety while searching for fashion online becomes way too overwhelming.
  • Due to the never ending options available for our simple searches we are unable to decide that one particular garment or accessory that we want.
  • While many sites provide inspiration as to what to wear and where to wear it, none of them provide the source to buy it from which becomes very troublesome.

Stylist At Spoina
Now this brings us to the solution of these issues. What if we had that one person or service who or which could solve this for you? What if you didn’t have to worry about what clothes should be there in your wardrobe or the hassle of going through the never ending list of fashion online?

A stylist is one such person who could help sort these problems for you. A stylist can help you by going through the various variety and choose clothes and accessories according to your personal characteristics and necessities so that you don’t have to do that by yourself anymore.

The stylist will then make looks for you that will suit your style while also giving you inspiration for these looks which allow you to see where you can wear these looks. You can choose what you like from these looks and this helps you save time and hassle to go through so many options to select a perfect look.


Spoina is an online stylist portal which after taking into account your lifestyle preferences sources clothes for you accordingly from the various e-commerce websites like Jabong, Koovs, StalkBuyLove etc.

The stylist at Spoina will send you looks twice a week in your Spoina account free of cost based on your various preferences which you can buy right then and there.

We at Spoina are there to help you “When you absolutely, positively want to look your best”.