Celebrating weakness instead of strength.

We don’t celebrate the strong anymore.

When the Olympics are on, people celebrate. But they don’t care.

If you’re American it doesn’t matter if your country wins. You may not want America to win. If she does, it’s because of oppression. Or, the win no longer means victory — it’s used as a political vehicle to make a point.

We celebrate violent offenders because people pay attention in a distraction mine field.

This day today is the best day to be alive in world history. There’s no war. Even though we see shootings publicized on the media, giving killers the reward they seek, attention, the media continues to glorify shooters — so they keep shooting.

You’re more likely to die by eating too much than you are disease or violent ends.

Our ancestors hate us.

A lonely kid who always wanted attention. His parents ignored him. He has no friends. He doesn’t want to be invisible anymore.

Then he sees the cover of his favorite magazine, with Rockstars named on the side.

The cover is a killer.

He wants the cover.

Instead of celebrating great minds we reward those who take and consume and won’t stop until they die.

The biggest killer in America is heart disease. A condition reached using a fork or a spoon.

Is it a disease? I guess. Because being fat isn’t easy.

But you did this to yourself.

The government tells you you’re handicapped and they give you front row parking to walk less.

You’re encouraged to suck in America.

America used to be a country of innovators. But the innovators are leaving because their companies haven’t met diversity requirements and now pay 50% more tax.

Or whatever reason. Bright minds don’t want to come to America. When America disagrees with you, or doesn’t like you, now you’re an intolerant bastard who’s opinion means nothing.

What happens when no one good is left in America?