sophia jackson

Sophia…Since you seem to simply copy and paste your remarks I will copy and past my response to the remark

sophia jackson… Where to start. I suppose the beginning. Lets talk about your paragraph. Have a seat.

“Homosexuals could be put down quite plausibly as the most detestable group ever heard of” Only among the most ignorant. Anyone with any sense knows that people come in all different flavors. And in the knowing accept this as fact.

“They cry out for privacy in the bedroom and then publicly announce their sexuality” If you mean having pride in who you love. Yes. Why is it so that heterosexuals can openly display this but not a homosexual. If you deny this you only need to look outside to see some form of display of affection. Or turn on any television station to see some form of heterosexuality being forced on us. As for our bedroom. I am sure you do not want announced what ( if anything) is going on in yours.

“demand tolerance but deny others the very same virtue, they claim to be nothing more than innocent victims but victimize anyone with a dissenting opinion,” If you are meaning standing up for ones self. Hell yes. The only time I have witnessed anything that can be misconstrued as intolerance is when a gay person is reacting to hate. Having a difference of opinion and seeking someone out by coming to a site like this are not the same. It seems to be you who can not handle others business and feels the need to find places to spew bile.

“claim that they only want equal treatment, but in reality they constantly crave negative attention and demand a celebration of their lifestyle, they wallow in vanity and pride, insist that “tolerance” and “acceptance” are synonymous words” No one is craving negative attention. However people such as yourself seem to like to heap it on. And celebrate …yes. I really hope you have a little pride in yourself and your culture. If you do you understand this. If you do not it explains your sourness.

“and their claims that the “homosexual” family is on par with the “heterosexual” family is mainly a form of display.” My husband ..Yes husband. We Have been together for 30 years. We have two college age children (biological). Both are in medical school . Both identify as heterosexual. We have outlasted all of our heterosexual friends marriages. So tell us a bit about how my family is sub par to yours.

“I find them petulant, compulsive, militant, and obsessed with their own sexuality; they make their sexuality their personality’ Petulant? reread your post please than look up the meaning of the word. It is people like yourself who seem to be obsessed with our sexuality. If you were not you would not even have taken the time to click on and comment on this post. My sexuality is not my personality it is however part of my person. And who I love is a part of my life so yes I am going to share it. If you loved someone you would understand this. If not it would be another reason in way of explanations to why you are so bitter.

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