Trumping Trump

Like most Americans (actually, the whole world), I have been reeling from the tornado of announcements from the new President. I tend to ignore politicians. When he says media are the most dishonest human beings, I beg to disagree. Politicians are. However, I dislike the tension in the country with fellow citizens worried sick if they will have healthcare in the next few months or legal immigrants to the country afraid to travel out of it for fear they may not be able to come back in.

Having said that, just telling Trump to back off is ignoring the problems he is pointing at. Most have been brewing for decades. As a small businessman, I can tell you healthcare premiums are out of control. I wrote a paper in 1983 how our immigration system was broken and it has gotten much, much worse since. I worked in the Middle East in the late 80s and could predict the extremism we are seeing spew out from that part of the world. If I could see it, we have much smarter folks who should have been tackling the issues years ago.

So, instead of just yelling at Trump, how about

a) some proposals from Mexico how they will control THEIR southern border, how they could use US law enforcement help to tackle the drug flow, how they will balance the surplus of trade they have enjoyed now for 20+ years?

b) some specific proposals from our insurance companies or what it will take to tackle the inflation in premiums while covering the majority of our citizens?

c) some specific proposals from rich Arab countries on taking in Syrian and other refugees — language, religion, weather, culture wise they will assimilate much better in the Middle East? How about proposals on how they will tackle the extremism that has been unleashed from their borders?

d) some specific proposals from Asian countries like China, India and S. Korea and EU countries like Germany on how they will balance out the export engine model of the last few decades? Why should the US perpetually run trade deficits?

e) how about opening job opportunities for our labor, especially our young around the world? Why can we not have a few thousand work visas for Americans in India, Philippines, Mexico, Ireland etc — countries which have traditionally supplied the US the most immigrants?

I don’t particularly like Trump’s abrasive style. But he is just the messenger. To dismiss his rhetoric is to ignore that festering issues we should have started tackling a long, long time ago.