Do you need a GPS watch? TomTom Spark Cardio Review

Well, few months back that was one question I always used to ask myself and these were some template answers:

A. Yes, definitely. Every triathlete has this thing, logging your performance is the best way to analyze your progress and what could be more handy than a watch.
B. Can buy this later as right now GPS based phone apps are more than enough for my needs.
C. Some premium accounts on these apps is a better way to go ahead.

I believe most of you who are into running and cycling would have same question and justifications before buying a GPS watch, so this article will help you in deciding the same.

How frequent do you run, bike or swim?

Yes, if you do 2–3 long runs (more than 5 kms) and 1–2 long cycling sessions (more than 50 kms) in a week then you have arrived. Now the only thing you have to decide is which GPS watch you should buy. Your phone won’t be a good companion because you might have to charge it twice to have enough juice for the day. If you are a person who doesn’t have any issue with that then your phone is your armour, go get the most out of it.

For swimmers, as you know in these watches, GPS won’t work for indoor activities so you will only be able to calculate laps based on the accelerometer but then you don’t even have that option with your smartphones, yes even with the water resistant ones.

How about premium accounts on apps like Strava?

The premium accounts on the apps only give you bunch of more data but don’t solve the primary issue related to battery consumption. Premium accounts only make sense when you have a device which can track more data for you like stride, cadence and most importantly heart rate. Hence, premium accounts work best with a GPS watch or a bike computer.

When I should not buy a watch at all?

Someone who does recreational cycling or is mildly active for such people their smartphones are more than enough to log activity data. I am strongly against fitness trackers, I know it is counter intuitive but fitness trackers are worthless as they do exactly the same that your smartphones are capable of doing without compromising with the battery life.

TomTom Spark Cardio Music

Which GPS watch should I buy?

Coming to the final question, there are plenty of watches available in the market starting from 7K which pretty much do the job. The cheapest one would be running GPS watches followed by multi-sports and then the ones with heart rate monitor. I wanted to have a watch which should have an ability to track my activities along with HR and I should have freedom to leave my phone back at home, so ended up buying TomTom Spark Cardio Music

Till now loving the experience of this watch, it gives you an easy access to view your live data/performance and control functionalities like pause/resume etc. Hope by now this article would have helped you in deciding whether you should go for a GPS watch or not. For more queries or first hand review feel free to reach me out :)

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