The email blues

How I messed up my incoming email and how I fixed it.

The Problem

Using G Suite to send and receive emails from my personal domain.
- Able to send outgoing emails.
- Unable to receive incoming emails.

How I messed it up

I moved my personal domain from AWS to DigitalOcean. I was doing this because I had a few projects on DigitalOcean already and I wanted to consolidate my VPS instances to one service. In order for me to get my domain name routed to DigitalOcean I needed to change my nameservers from default to the DigitalOcean nameservers. I followed this helpful guide, How to Point to DigitalOcean Nameservers From Common Domain Registrars, to get this working.

It worked and my domain name was finding the correct path to my personal website. Everything seemed fine. No alerts were sounding off. I was able to access my email as normal and able to send emails as normal.

I didn’t realize that when I changed my nameserver for my domain name that it effected the path to my email that used the same domain name. Luckily my friend got a bounce back when he tried to email me and texted me about it. My email had been down for about 2.5 days at this point. Doh!!!

I needed add MX records to direct any emails sent to my domain from DigitalOcean to G Suite’s nameservers. All I needed to do to fix this was click one button in the DigitalOcean network config. If only I had thought about anything that could have been affected by the network config change before I made any changes. It was really lame for this to happen while I was waiting to hear back from some potential employers but at least it was a learning experience.

Add Gmail MX Records. So easy. 🤦🏻‍♂️

tl;dr If you are waiting for important emails, make sure you are able to receive emails and if you make any network changes to anything make sure you think of everything that could be affected.

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