A Silent Philosophical Revolution…Jeremy Corbyn…and the echoes of Athenia.

I have deliberated over and over with myself for the ‘correct’ time to write this piece…and on the Eve of Guy Fawkes night, I have come to the conclusion that it is time.

The British Press have been quick to scathe Jeremy Corbyn for his political mindset, strategy & tactics. What they fail to realise is that he is a brilliant philosophical mind, caught in a dysfunctional western (not even free) market capitalist world. A world controlled by billionaire playboys, politically subtle dictators and crippling oligopolistic consortiums.

Let us step back to Adam Smith, 1776 and the Wealth of Nations. Yes, specialisms in international trade has boosted and modelled current Capitalist society, BUT the notion of his idea of the invisible hand dictating supply and demand no longer applies. We have moved into a sketchy international era, where the fate of the World can be determined by list of the few.

This is what Karl Marx crudely feared. We can deliberate all we want about the failings of Marxism (please read my piece on Medium.com about it), but in essence he foresaw the tormentuous tragedy that Capitalism in its crude state would bring forth. He struggled with finding a ‘correct’ solution and could only relate to creating a revolutionary measure, perhaps bound by his own time and place.

The ‘correct’ way, in my humble opinion, to save the World we live in, is to stop thinking we are always ‘right’. And to understand the authority, influence & education those that have come from the ‘left’ can bring us.

Let me divulge. Marx got ONLY ONE PART of his thesis wrong. He believed that it would be a revolution by nature of ‘overthrowing’ the bourgeoisie. A toppling of the rich few so-called ‘overlords’, by means of a bloody battle. Sadly, this is where he went wrong. If his idea of Marxist utopia was ever to come to fruition, it would evidently have to come from a class mergence — from top down, to bottom up. A kind of class eradication through synergy.

BUT in order for that to occur, we need less ‘right’-wingers and more ‘left’-thinkers. What is sad, but true, is that ‘right-wing’ thinking is just a façade. Believing they are ALWAYS right!, right!, right! is what created the right-wing mentality. It is a façade because it hides their inability to accept that sometimes they maybe WRONG, which would evidently make them humbled and shamed, in their opinion. And that’s why we look to the left…those who were ‘left’ of pure democracy or ‘demos-cratos’ to achieve the ‘correct’ outcome for this World.

Back to Jeremy Corbyn. The beautiful, philosophical mind of Jeremy is not one stuck within this day and age, or even era. His mind-set echoes back to unfinished Marxian work, but strangely and wonderfully back even further to Athenian democracy and the times of Plato. Prime (literally) example…his tactics of questioning Cameron at PMQs. Democratic beauty at work, shouldn’t we understand?

The top down synergy I write about is occurring. NOW, in this time and in this place. We have waited lifetimes for the ‘correct’ thinkers to come to the forefront of politics and realise that it was not always about being RIGHT, but including all that was LEFT. Jeremy Corbyn lights the way, but in essence, we as the grassroots collective, have to meet him somewhere in the middle. We must not forget to put in the work to achieve this primary, universal goal. Save the Planet, from the woes of the wrongful right.