The State of Europes…

The European question is one of true complexity. It requires deep analysis and a real definition of its potential future function in an ever-changing world stage and spectrum.

The truth of the matter lies in its composition. As an encompassing entity, its form currently holding 50+ of the world’s states cannot keep expanding. By definition, Europe has to end its expansion, sometime soon. And there is a critical reason for this. It has to start implementing a European Regeneration Programme before it can carry forth with the development of its natural structure.

Let me explain. Europe’s borders and boundaries, in my opinion, is coming to its upper limit. We have not the financial, economic, social or even legal means to cope with this expansion. Therefore its natural composition has to change in order for it to succeed on an international stage in the future.

We must freeze its expansion. And we must re-develop its primary roles as an organization, collective and pillar of support to our families, generations and way of life. The statement I am making is that we need to re-balance Europe, towards a fairly distributed egalitarian, equitable and equal supranational entity.

How can this be done??? It is quite a structured solution and will require constant monitoring.

We have to break Europe up into a collective of Outer European and Inner European States. The reasons for this I will outline below.

Inner Europe should be made of the five top European States, voted in by a supranational elective referendum. This European-wide election will determine which States lay the foundation for Inner Europe, not defined by geographical location. And these States will lead the way for redefining, redesigning and redistributing the rest of Europe.

The rest of Europe will, for that elective period, become Outer Europe. And the top five will then PARTNER with (for example) a selected ten other Outer European States. After this European Partnership Programme has become concrete and come to fruition, the top five should then create trading blocs, support networks and synergetic communication with these chosen ten Outer European States.

ONE factor is critically vital. Each of the top five Inner European States, should ALWAYS partner with ONE of each of the LOWEST five Outer European States, by default. This is to provide financial support and strong economic linkages to these countries in need. The top five will seek to rebalance all of Europe by sheer presence in the supporting deliberations of their chosen partners. They will seek to enhance Comparative Trade with these chosen nations, as a basic example.

This will create a stronger, healthier and more functional Europe and European Agenda. I believe this is the way forward for the future of the State of Europes.

And this will last a pre-determined period. Until the next top five election, where new states can then be added in. Every Partnership Programme can then be re-assessed and re-jigged accordingly.