United Change on the Concept of Bombing Syria.


I am the Founder of United Change. I volunteer for Jeremy Corbyn and Piers Corbyn. Both so-far-as-of-yet unrecognised genii in their prospective fields…International Politics & Universal Astro-Physics. Jeremy has the genial capability to break the mould in International Relations, having started with the question of War and its moralities & ethics, this week, on the International Stage. His brother, Piers, is at COP21, delivering his genial ideas on Climate Truth. Both men are what is LEFT of the correct solution, in their prospective fields. But such geniuses are afflicted, always gifted & burdened at the same time.

Now I have stated what they are to me, let me be clear in the picture I am going to build for you. It involves mainly their ideas, to save Humanity. And mine.

Firstly, bombing Syria is not the answer. Jeremy Corbyn is correct. Hasn’t anyone realised how co-ordinated ISIL/ISIS are? How many venues in France suffered devastatingly under ‘synchronised’ attacks? Wouldn’t that seem to suggest they are more territorially, scattered, than in a central base…and operating under some Radio Frequency or Telecoms Network as yet undiscovered? I would strongly urge all governments to CHECK their Telecoms Networks for Bandwidth Hoggers, Stealth or Dark mode operators. It’s like having an independent Network on a Capitalist mainframe. But it just turns out to be ISIL/ISIS. Free competition means no-one can monitor EVERY network (and so I agree, this is correctly democratic), BUT somewhere, somehow, ISIL/ISIS are managing to communicate digitally, in real-time, undetectably.

Bombing Syria will just make the refugees more unreachable. We should be realising now, that due to ISIL/ISIS’s shockingly efficient method of operation, they will have digital communication whilst the refugees will not. We need to be focusing our efforts on digitally communicating with the Syrian Refugees, not bombing the ISIL/ISIS state, who outplay us, on defined levels.

For instance, how are we, the general public to ever know if ISIL/ISIS quickly switched round the personnel in a bombing target, to include civilians? How are we to know if the targets have been compromised, to include innocent parties? What intel are we working on and HOW can this be trusted? Remember, if they have a Digital Telecoms Network, they will be able to hack into the telecoms ‘handshake’, of such jets such as the Eurofighters, the Apaches and the Stealth-bombers. This means total digital snooping and spying capabilities, on us and the ultimate determination of the airplanes’ intended targets, specifically. I should know it is possible, as my father’s old company used to make equipment for the Eurofighter…a company I DEMANDED he sell. If they know we are coming, where we are heading, then how are we going to know, what we have hit? We may claim a victory, BUT who is doing the digital monitoring for us? Will we have hit ISIL/ISIS, or civilians?

This is where Richard Branson’s Virgin Media, as an example, could come in handy. His company Virgin Media, has a brilliant Call-Centre in the Philippines (a subject I have written about in my previous article), which we can use to build a International Relief Call-Centre. To communicate, digitally, with the Syrian Refugees. To know where they are, in real-time. To have each call logged, answered and tended to 24/7/365 a year. By specialist Relief Centre operatives, trained and educated for such a civilian protection task, or refugee, relief role.

This is where we need to be spending our efforts. On communicating with the Syrian Refugees. Not playing into ISIL/ISIS’s hands, through bombing.

We need to focus away from the confrontational methods, of War. WE need to send not only food, clothing, water BUT also mobile phones and comms equipment.

Whilst Piers needs time for the World to realise he has the last 1% of the whole, total, complete solution for Climate Change & Climate Truth (the last piece of the puzzle, so to speak), Jeremy has the last piece of the puzzle for building international peace, World-Wide. If we do not listen to them, we WILL NOT get another chance at this.

Vinny Munbodh

Founder of United Change (united-change.uk)