The confessions of a serial offender.
Mahesh Murthy

Twitter redirected me to YS, fortunately (and rightly) Dipti provided a link to this piece from her coherent monologue.

  1. Upon first glance, the title is a bit amusing, misleading, actually a bit ludicrous. I see that the alleged person (self-confessed serial offender), Mahesh Murthy seems to be a reasonably well know investor in Indian circuit, that apart would someone care to explain if he is the ONLY start up investor in our country ? Does he really represent entire start up funding ecosystem ? Typical hype-driven, bait titles, but people do expect nothing more from media. So nothing surprising here.
  2. If the plaintiff feels aggrieved that his banter is ill-conceived and sexually inclined — there are laws to prevent sexual harassment and punish the accused, they may very well find a competent lawyer and file a case.
  3. Am a women — and that’s why it happens to me. Haven’t we heard this so many times. Reminds me of sour-grapes syndrome. So called pseudo-feminists and their ilk, who don’t even know what feminism is, thrive on such articles and news pieces to hide their flaws, earn sympathy and some brownie points.
  4. He’s so powerful , famous — What can a simple woman do ? Constitution/law treats everyone as equals (at least intended) and that’s fair. So fight it out. Oh, wait thats tough, have to spend money. Media is free and easy !
  5. Sexual harassment Act 2012— That itself is biased and presumes that only men harass women. Hasn’t accounted for the other case. Equality — goes for a toss ! One of the most misused Acts in our country. Extremely low conviction rates. Often used to threaten the other person into submission.

Let us continue the hype and denigrate whosoever we don’t like !

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