Why you shouldn’t ‘Hire’ !

“We are hiring”, write to us, is ubiquitous. Why would you need to “hire” ? Typically, you have more work than what your current people can handle or you anticipate more work coming along your way. Essentially, your company is ‘growing’ and you need your most valuable asset — ‘people’.

Vasool Raja MBBS Connection

I watched this movie many years ago, a typical Kamal Hassan and ‘Crazy’ Mohan classic, remake of the famous Munna Bhai MBBS. The hero is a ‘money recovery agent’, contracted by people to ‘recover’ their dues. In other words, it is an illegal profession and generally these guys are called “rowdies” or “goondas” in our parts of the world.

However, what struck me was this scene. Kamal Hassan steps in (0:25 secs) and tells his contractor who had remarked that he had ‘hired’ Vasool Raja to recover his money, “I ain’t no auto rickshaw or horse carriage to be hired”. This got me thinking and his statement made sense. Why would we need to ‘hire’ ? Is that the right representation of we intend?

What is Hiring ?

As per Oxford, it is to obtain “temporary” use of something for a payment. Even the examples listed on employing a person, states “ Employ for a short time to do a particular job”, or “Make oneself available for temporary employment”.

Am sure as a company, we intend to grow and we need people to help us grow. They are our employees — humans with emotions, not objects. In one of my previous jobs, I told our CEO that we should change the website copy from “We are hiring” to “We are growing” and that it made more sense. You can come up many other euphemistic wordings, like ‘job openings’, or ‘vacancies’ or whatever suits you best and conveys your intent clearly.

Yesterday I shared this view with our design team and they captured our thoughts with this beautiful picture.

In our company Honey Badger Labs — we don’t intend to ever hire, we are in for the long run and we intend to nurture and groom our employees for ‘mutual growth’.

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