The Fromahome story: How I quit my job, and started an online marketplace that enables home cooks sell food from home.


My name is Vinodh Subramanian, the founder of Fromahome. I am 27 years old and live with friends in Chennai. This is the story of how I quit my job as a Genetic researcher and launched Fromahome.

My Education

I am a BTech graduate and I have always wanted to start businesses as soon as I graduate. Immediately after graduation, I applied to TIDITSSIA (The Tiruchi District Tiny and Small Scale Industries Association), Micro Small and medium Enterprises Development institute (MSME DI) and Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDP) and got rejected by all of them, not surprisingly!

My Profession and attempts at Entrepreneurship

Meanwhile I worked for 4 different companies in a span of 5 years from 2009–2014 in Chennai. While being employed, I started selling tanjore paintings on 2012 by launching an ecommerce portal and on 2013, I started a travels business to ride the wave on the then taxi revolution. After having failed in both the businesses, I launched a hospitality business last year which is running successfully now.

Inception of Fromahome

The concept of Fromahome dates back to the school days. I never really knew that successful completion of 12th grade is in other words, is simply, preparing ourselves to live away from our parents, for the rest of our lives. Once I was done with 12th grade, like every other friend of mine, I too missed food prepared in home. We used to eat at hotels, small eateries, restaurants and even attempted at cooking on own. But none of these were at par with what we get in our homes.

While that was the struggle during college days, adding insult to the injury, the struggle worsened when we moved to the city after graduation. We developed an aversion towards food prepared in hotel. There was a time when “It was either home cooked food or no food” since we were unable to continue eating out.

By then I was working for a research firm and making a decent pay, I decided to quit my job and work on solving this problem since it has been unaddressed for long. On the one hand, home cooked food is being prepared in all the families living around us. On the other hand, there are people like me who are in need of home cooked food, but have no other option than eating out. Thus home cooked food is not accessible to us, despite being prepared in all the neighborhood.

We have had enough. It is time to solve it as we constantly see an increasing number of people facing the same issue that we have faced.

How are we going to solve it?

We strongly believe the only way to solve this never ending problem, with Home Cooked Food accessibility, is to take this issue to the people who are best at preparing it, “The home cooks”. We identify home cooks who prepare awesome food at their homes, and help them get online and sell food to consumers. Thus the food is from a home.


We have started our operations at Medavakkam and plan to open up in other parts of the city soon.

How can you help us?

Thanks for reading our story and if you are looking for an awesome home cooked food, be sure to visit our website Fromahome.

We are always looking for passionate home cooks in our journey at Fromahome. If you are an awesome home cook, drop me an email at

Thank you for your time!

October 2015