How much Time do you have

So how many of you follow the timetable for your life? How do you control all your life? Did your ever get in a situation where you didn’t get the time to do your work? how does it feel?

So many questions before starting the article :). I want you to focus on all these questions because lots of people complaining that they have never got time to do a specific work. There are many situations where you want to do something and you don’t have a time for that.

But all successful people out in the world have same time you have.

Then why they are doing and achieving things you don’t get time to do. The simple reason for that is a priority of the tasks. Yes, you heard it right. They have more organized and follow the priority in their lives to succeed in their life.

I used to make a small time table for myself in school, whenever exams are going on. I have a particular time for play, watching TV, and study. At that time I only have these things on my plate. But years later now I have lot more things to do, lot more priorities to follow, lot more responsibilities.

Can we make the time table for our day to day life now also? YES, of course, we can. Let’s start by morning. Some of the things you are doing are on daily basis like eating, going to the office. And others maybe not daily but most of the time like watching tv, going for shopping.

Why not prioritize all these things on paper or in excel if you are more inclined towards technology.

First of all, make all the activities you do on daily basis, monthly basis or yearly basis. After that categorize them accordingly like Days, Weeks, Months, Years.

Let’s start by daily activity. What is the first thing you do in morning? Everyone has their own priorities. Some drink bed tea, some do exercise, some read newspapers. Take a note and start writing your today’s activities by hourly basis.

If we take a rough example, it would be like:

5:00 AM — Exercise

6:00 AM — Read the latest news

9:00 PM — go to bed

These are some of the things we can plan. Here the idea is to capture your schedule on daily basis. What will happen like this?

OK, making a timetable will help you to focus on the activities you need to follow on that day.

But sometimes it is difficult to follow the same. No problem, you will feel better as you go with it.

Following the strict rule on day to day basis will make you more organized and will help you in a long run.

You can use some online tool or mobile app for making your schedule fo that day. I used a mobile app, that will help me organize a day.

To be more precise, you should do your planning weekly may be on Sunday night. But yes, it can be rough and will be more overview type. See some examples below:

  1. This week I need to bank for deposit.
  2. I need to go to school for PTM.
  3. I need to visit to park with family.

If you observe the above you will see we do not have any particular day planned for any task. Now it’s time to prioritize the task i.e. which activity to be done first and which last.

Now on daily basis, you need to make a list for a day. This can be done any time of the day. But I prefer to do the same before going to bed. So that next morning I am ready for all my task in hand for that day.

This way you will cover all your weekly tasks and then convert them into smaller bits to work on daily basis. this might seem to be a tedious task for a newbie. But I bet once you follow the above steps then you will feel more stress-free.

I know for some people this will not work, but why not try and follow. We can start by simply for one week and see what difference it is making in your life. Once you followed your one full week through that timetable I bet you will not leave it behind.

In today’s world when everyone is running mainly due to the never ending tasks, we need to follow some strategies to live a stress free life.

In the end lets see what we have learned from here:

  1. Make a list of all activities you do on daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis.
  2. Then prioritize and organize them for net week
  3. Then again break those weeks into daily activities.

Hope it helps some of you :).